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Mechanical Analysis


Simulated Mechanical Performance

There is perhaps no greater frustration in the RF component world than a design which meets all electrical requirements, provides all necessary coverage and gain, but fails qualification or acceptance testing because the connector of the antenna or passive device snaps off during dynamic stressing or loading.

Haigh-Farr understands that an RF design is only successful if the hardware holds together to perform its function. We have gone to great lengths to make certain your hardware will survive mechanically so it can succeed electrically.

Our team of mechanical engineers understands that customers are going to use Haigh-Farr designed hardware in the harshest of vibration, acceleration, and shock conditions. We ensure our hardware survives your environments and mission by employing the latest simulation tools. Our antennas and ancillary passive components have survived some of the most severe environments, because we, at Haigh-Farr, prioritize the mechanical details of our designs. Whether we see the need to strengthen the sidewalls of an SMA connector on a passive device or create the entire backing plate of an antenna, including the connector, out of one continuous piece of steel, aluminum, or titanium, we have a solution to make certain the mechanical integrity of our hardware stays intact throughout the life-cycle of the design. At Haigh-Farr, we understand the necessity for our hardware to survive your environments and your mission.