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GPS Antenna Capabilities

GPS Antenna

GPS L1 L2 for Launch Vehicle Applications-2

GPS Antenna Capabilities

Haigh-Farr’s GPS antennas are available at the L1 frequency, L1/L2, L1/L2/L5, or GPS/GNSS applications. Our GPS antennas are designed for flat, cylindrical, or conical shaped mounting surfaces and may be mounted flush or on the exterior of the vehicle.  The antennas utilize Haigh-Farr’s well-proven fabrication techniques and are designed to operate in high dynamic environments.

We design our antennas as one-piece or multi-segment antennas for the most complete spherical coverage possible on cylindrical bodies or as individual conformal patch or slot elements to be placed in multiple locations, as required.

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Applications (Both Commercial & Military):

  • Launch Vehicles
  • Atmospheric Rockets, Missiles and Projectiles
  • UAVs and Aircraft
  • Helicopters
  • Spacecraft
  • Satellites
  • Drones


  • Flat, Cylindrical, or Conical Shapes
  • GPS L1/L2, GPS L1 only
  • Hemispherical or Spherical Coverage
  • Conformal - Flush or External Mounting