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Ralt Antenna Capabilities

Standard Application RALT Antenna-1

RALT Altimeter Antenna

RALT Antenna Capabilities

Haigh-Farr’s long history of designing robust antennas to meet the most demanding of requirements has resulted in an impressive collection of hardware specifically meant for Radar Altimeter applications. Our RALT antennas are typically used in pairs and are designed so that high isolation is maintained between the separately mounted pieces of hardware (-85 dB with 24 inches of separation between elements). Moreover, and like so many other Haigh-Farr designs, our antennas purposed for these specific applications are always built with harsh environments in mind. The antennas are usually flush-mounted to a vehicle’s surface and are conformal in nature so that they exactly match the outer mold line of a vehicle’s geometry (simple or complex). Both of these attributes are very important when taking into account the high aero-heating conditions often seen during flight. Likewise, our RALT antennas are mechanically constructed to withstand high vibration and shock loads. Finally, the electrical/RF characteristics of these designs are excellent with a gain at boresight of 9 dBi and E-plane beam widths of 60 degrees routinely achieved (H-plane beam width is typically 50 degrees).

When it comes to rugged RALT antenna applications needing to be well designed and constructed while also being small and light weight (3.5 inches square, less than a tenth of an inch thick, and only weighing 2 oz.), Haigh-Farr can help meet your needs.

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