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Transponder Antenna Capabilities

PHCP S Band Transmit Receive Antenna


Transponder Antenna Capabilities

One of the most critical applications for antennas on flight vehicles is the RF transmission/reception of tracking beacons and radios. For many decades, beacon transponders have been the gold standard for knowing where something is when it’s in the air; and over that same time period, Haigh-Farr has played a significant part in the assurance of transponder link closure.

From blades to patches, slots to wraps, we have established a tremendous catalog of antenna options to meet customers’ specific transponder RF requirements. Our antennas can fly in the harshest of environments and handle the highest of on-board transponder power outputs. Moreover, these antennas are designed to meet the very stringent requirements levied on customers by range safety communities with whom they interact. Our in-house design, production, and test capabilities insure that Haigh-Farr is the one looking after your particular antenna needs from concept to delivery.

With the onboarding of GPS over the last 30 years as an alternate method of tracking vehicles, the need for transponders has cooled somewhat, but the need is still present and prevalent. Haigh-Farr continues to support this important method of identifying a vehicle’s flight path.

When your application demands this level of commitment, Haigh-Farr stands ready to help.

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