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UHF FTS S-Band Telemetry and C-Band Transponder

Telemetry Wraparound Antenna

Telemetry Antennas

Like all antennas designed and built by Haigh-Farr, our telemetry antennas come with over 50 years of experience behind them. Some of the very first antennas made by Haigh-Farr were telemetry wraparound antennas designed for small diameter missiles and rockets. In addition to wraparound designs, which can be split into multiple segments then combined together via Haigh-Farr passive devices for larger diameter vehicles, Haigh-Farr also builds conformal antennas meant to exactly match the outer mold line of rockets, missiles, and launch vehicles. More complex shapes can also be designed for aircraft such as UAVs and drones.

Haigh-Farr makes a complete line of telemetry antennas in the form of blades and buttons for vehicles such as rotary wing and fixed-wing aircraft. These antennas are particularly well suited for situations where quick purchase, build, and delivery are necessary to meet upcoming flight tests by the customer.

For all of Haigh-Farr’s telemetry antenna designs, multiple frequencies are available from L, S, and C bands typically used at ranges to X, Ku, and Ka bands more commonly seen on satellites. In many cases, these antennas can be designed as multi-band elements so you have the convenience of using the same antenna for several telemetry links or as your tests require you to switch from one band to the next. Also, designs are available in circular, linear and slanted linear polarization configurations.

Whatever your telemetry antenna needs might be Haigh-Farr can work to provide a solution for you.

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